Reliable, Knowledgeable Service for Residential and Commercial Customers

Victrola. Radio. TV. Betamax. VCR. DVD. Blu-Ray. On-demand. Streaming audio and video. High-def TVs that connect to the Internet. As long as we’ve had home entertainment technology, it’ been evolving. It never stops. Today, it’s the Internet of Things and the ‘smart home’, where your refrigerator will send you a text message when you’re low on milk.

But here’s the funny thing: The more the technology advances, the easier it is for you to stop in place. Your place. Sit anywhere in your home, press a button, and automatically be surrounded by the right sounds, the right sights, the right lighting, the right atmosphere. Whether you’re entertaining a houseful of friends or curled up on the couch with your family, you have the power to set the mood, and its right at your fingertips.

Joe Lusi, president of JL Entertainment Designs, began the company to help families and businesses create audio and video systems that meet their unique needs. From installing a TV to implementing a fully integrated corporate audiovisual network, he has been providing high-quality, scalable products and services across the Greater Philadelphia area since 2007.

Joe and his wife Michelle are the parents of four children. That makes their lives busy, complicated, and happy. It also means that they understand the importance of separate audio streaming to everyone’s room!

JL Entertainment Designs has built a reputation for responsiveness, flexibility, and superior customer care. You can rely on the fact that these things will never change – no matter how much technology does.